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Mulder isn't alone in his quest anymore. He thought he didn't want a partner.

Title: I'm Not Alone

Author: Pattie

Rated: G

Category: Poem, Mulder POV.

Summary: Mulder's loneliness filled.

Archive: Yes to Gossamer and any other nice home.

I'm Not Alone

I look at these four walls tonight
As I have many, many nights
With the feeling I'm not alone,
Yet there could be so much more.
By morning I will have slept alone
Yet someone filled the void of sleep.
The first thing I think of is her.
In the heat of summer or cold of winter,
She is with me even if she's home.
An ever present emptiness
Once had seized my joyless days.
It commanded my restless nights.
Now the void is filled with smiles,
Joyless days filled with a better
I laugh even when I see these walls.
My thoughts dance to her music.
I wonder what fills her time alone?
If it's me, we can dance together.
Let the silence be broken for me,
For I no longer feel alone.

Feedback, please. Freestyle poetry
is not my strong suit and I may need

Disclaimer:  The characters aren't mine
And neither is the show
Ans I'm not making money--
Just thought you ought to know.
Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productios and Fox Studios own the rights to The X-Files and its characters.  I charge no money for this, and intend no copyright infringement.