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Title: Always, Mulder. Always.
                           Author: Pattie
                           Rated: PG
                           Category: MSR. Angst
                           Spoilers: William, The Truth
                           Summary: Two days after escape from the military prison,
                           Mulder thinks it was all for nought. Scully says otherwise!
                           Archive: Gossamer, any other nice home. Please ask me.
                           Disclaimers: Origainal characters and the title "The X-Files" 
                           are owned by Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Studios.
                           I make no money from fanfiction  and intend no copyright 
                           Author's Note: Written in entirely in dialogue. Like all
                           my old favourite radio shows that my parents introduced me
                           to.  Theatre of the mind is often ruined by narrative.
                           ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO
                           "Well, I guess you're sorry you ever asked me to be a father,
                           let alone agree to work with me for so long."
                           "Where'd that come from, Mulder?  Here we are, away from harm,
                           at least for now, your neck still intact, and you're not
                           jumping for joy?  I told you, I'd do it all over again. And
                           I never once... never once regretted that you fathered William.
                           There was certainly no regret that we, yes Mulder, WE, created
                           our son the normal way. I had no regrets, you had no regrets.
                           I only regretted not telling you much sooner than I did how I 
                           felt.  I guess in some ways I was afraid to open myself to you, 
                           afraid you didn't feel the same way, even afraid that a love
                           relationship would hinder your quest for the truth."
                           "I don't know that it would have hindered anything, Scully.
                           Maybe if I'd known how you felt much earlier, we could have
                           saved the world by now. As I see it, all waiting got us
                           was a hot motel room in the middle of "Anonymousville",
                           afraid to show our heads. All it got us was the grief of
                           William not being able to share in our lives right now. All
                           my quest got you was an abduction, experimentation, pain,
                           despair, the death of your sister and countless bumps, bruises,
                           contusions... not to mention the cancer. Oh, and that fruitless
                           road trip with Old Smokey. Awesomely normal life. Eat your 
                           "I'll eat my breakfast at a leisurely pace, thank you very much.
                           I have nowhere else to be this morning. You, you haven't 
                           touched your breakfast."
                           "Guess I'm not hungry."
                           "You've been busy obsessing and hitting yourself over the head.
                           You'll need your strength for the days ahead."
                           "You talking dirty to me, Scully."
                           "You never know, Mulder. But for now, I think you need food."
                           "I think we need a plan. We need resources, we need leads, we
                           need new identities... "
                           "Shut up, Mulder... "
                           "Because you're being too practical at a time when you should 
                           be recouping your strength. And, you should be happy. Yes, happy. 
                           Before you say another WORD, think about it! You're alive, we 
                           have no restrictions, we still have the truth, and we still have  
                           each other. Have a piece of toast."
                           "Not bad, considering it's whole wheat. Look, I don't know 
                           what you ever saw in me."
                           "Well, I don't know what you ever saw in me, because I was so
                           emotionally in need of prune juice, absolutely solidly full
                           of pragmatism, of science and petrie dish proofs... "
                           "And I was so chauvanistic, married to my work, stubborn, spooky
                           and paternal. Also, controlling, patronizing, overly-protective... "
                           "And I loved you for that."
                           "When did you know, Scully?"
                           "That night in Bellefleur, first case. How about you?"
                           "That day in The Office of the F.B.I.'s most wanted."
                           "All those years wasted, Mulder."
                           "But I still wouldn't have traded them for anything. Well, no.
                           Maybe we just should have taken the train directly to Niagara 
                           "Eat up, Mulder. I'm not going to let you erase your successes."
                           "You mean that?"
                           "Always, Mulder. Always."

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