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Rated: G

Category: Poem, M/S UST.

Summary: Mulder lacks insight into real truth before
his eyes.

Spoilers: None

Archive: Anywhere; anytime. Please ask.


Disclaimer: Mulder and his partner belong to Chris
Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Studios. No copyright
infringement intended; no money made from this

Author's Note: This writer wised up at age 30 and went
back to high school, fifth year English grade was
received by throwing a few of her own poems in a long,
hard poetry essay. Stupidly having dropped out age 16,
she proved her family wrong. 90 percent was fun doing.
Many forms of poetry, and drop-outs can and do go back
to succeed.

Now here's a man who needs to see:
What's come to pass and what's to be.
He has the angst, the need, the want-
Endeavours much amidst all taunt-
Yet cannot see that real truth lies
In Scully's sweet and soft blue eyes.