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Title: A Mind of Her Own

Author: Pattie

Rated: Awfully silly. Okay, PG.

Spoilers: The Truth

Summary: Never let it be said Dana Scully hasn't
a mind of her own. The poem is written to the tune of
"Donald Where's Your Trousers." Smile before The
Truth hurts.

Archive: Gossamer, any other nice home. Let me
come and set awhile! Ask before, okay? I read your
stories, too.


Disclaimers: All characters, plots, and The X-Files
belong Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox
Studios. I make no money and intend no copyright
infringement. "Donald Where's Your Trousers" belongs
to The Irish Rovers, and I might related to some of
them, this disclaimer goes for them as well. Additive
free, contains no traces of peanuts, not tested on
animals. Yet.

There was a girl from A Naval Base,
Fiery hair and fair of face.
She sought to treat the ill but found
Another kind of life around.
She searched and searched for a lot of things,
Like little babies and wedding rings.
She lost a babe and her lover true
In the murk and mire and goo.
She found the man in a quite dead state,
Alas and alack 'twas still her fate
To help this man in his quest for Truth:
He still had lost all shreds of proof.
And now she's on the run with him, No more proper,
no more prim. She's learned to have the guts to say:
"Damn the Bureau anyway!"

To the tune of "Donald Where's Your Trousers?", Irish

Perhaps Section Chief Blevins, C.G.B. Spender, and even
her instructors hadn't known Dana Scully all that well.
They had hired her to report on Mulder's activities
down at the basement office known as The X-Files. Did
they honestly believe that anyone with a brain in their
head would be a mindless drone, doing nothing but
copying a person's words and recording their actions
without evaluating his performance as a trained
professional? Dr. Scully had her own code of ethics, her
own conscience.

Spying was for C.I.A. agents and people in dark back
rooms. F.B.I. agents cover their partners' backs
ESPECIALLY when there is reason to believe that anyone,
including their superiors, show questionable motives.

After seven years of working with Fox Mulder, she had
come to believe everything that showed his search for a
conspiracy was not hogwash, not the rantings of an obsessed
man, not the misperceptions of someone who needed to blame
anyone on the loss of his sister. The pair had come to trust
each other completely, absolutely and without question.

When they were so close to opening up a Pandora's Box of
deception right on the F.B.I.'s doorstep, Mulder was
abducted by the goons their agency had been in league with
for decades. Tortured, experimented upon and left for dead,
Mulder returned and his partner did not rest until she
corrected their vain attempts at forcing him to serve
rather than resist.

The government had not counted on the fact that these two
agents trusted each other so much, they would do anything,
go anywhere to unearth The Truth. Even if that meant
foregoing a personal life with a child that Scully had
longed for and tried so very hard to conceive. When Mulder
went missing from the F.B.I. shortly after their child's
birth, a manhunt was set up to find him. He had supposedly
done something terribly wrong.

Yes, he found an alternate way to discover The Truth: he
intentionally left the F.B.I. and did not tell anyone at
the Bureau where he was going and for what purpose. Rumours
flew that he had gone extremely far on the X-Files expense
account, or that he had misappropriated monies.

Only he and Dana Scully knew his reasons for 'disappearing'.
Perhaps even A.D. Kersh knew of it, as well.

His partner of now nine years had borne his child. Mulder and
Scully were so much in love it hurt. Dana believed that her
child would lead a safer life away from her and Washington. At
least, that's what she was told by Jeffrey Spender, Mulder's

half-brother. Either William or Mulder had to die, was the
alien determination.

Scully had A MIND OF HER OWN: neither needed to die. And
neither did. After a kangaroo court murder trial for killing an
already dead Marine, Mulder's escape was engineered by Assistant
Director Skinner, Deputy Director Kersh, Special Agents Doggett
and Reyes, now X-Files Agents, and, of course, Dana Scully. If
not for their courage, Fox Mulder would have died by lethal
injection. What would he have died for?

HE FOUND THE TRUTH. He was not about to tell Scully about it,
for he was certain it would crush her spirit, her very faith in
God. After seeing Mulder's biological father, C.G.B. Spender in
a Pueblo hide out made of magnetite, the dangerous Truth was
told to Scully: Alien Colonization of Earth was set for December
22, 2012. The woman's spirit was not crushed.

Her determination to go on with Mulder and their son, to prevent
the supposed inevitable became stronger than ever.

Never let it be said that Dana Katherine Scully is a follower.
She has a mind of her own.



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