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Title: Postcard From Fanficland ll
Author: Pattie
Rated: G
Category: Vignette
Spoilers: None
Summary: The X-Files area of Fanficland feels a lack
of harmony, and Mulder and Scully want to start the
writers up again.
Archive: Gossamer.  Any other place please
ask--I'll likely say yes.

NOVEMBER 17, 2004
2:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

Fanficland: The veritable nursery for fictional works based
on, and dedicated to, characters of television series and/or
movies we deeply appreciate and pay tribute to. (At least,
that's what the plaque over the gate there says.)
"Hey, Mulder.  Check this out. Jack came through the gate
without knowing who he was."
"Yeah, Mulder.  Jack O'Neill.  From Stargate SG-1?"
"Oh.  Yeah, about that, Scully.  I didn't mean to get you
so addicted to reading fanfic about us... or anyone else
for that matter. We should be speaking to some of the folks
from Bonanza, and of course, the Star Trek shows.  They must
think we're intentionally being rude.  Captain Kirk is so
jealous of me... "
"Mulder, this is most distressing."
"Tell me about it.  He wears a wig, and I still have my
"No, Mulder.  What I meant to say was that it's not looking
good right now at some of the usual most active forums and
"I thought Mary Kleinsmith fixed that with "Lull".  At
least there SEEMED to be more Mulder Torture fics out
there for a while.  I do understand that Char Chaffin and
Mountainphile have been into our lives as well. And
isn't Donna posting a really heart-wrenching story right
now? Scully, you're crying.  Please, the Brady Bunch
won't understand why."
"Oh, Mulder, it's just not the same."
"I'm sorry I got you so addicted to that stuff, Scully.
I shouldn't have told you about X-Files Fanfic.  Mind you,
I love the attention and all, but I hate to see you hurting
like this. Well, in some cases, better you than me, I
"You know I love a good Scully kidnapped case just as
much as anyone else, Mulder.  And I like the thought that
we can all live on together after Colonization, or after
we prevent it, but there's still so much light comedy,
stranded field trips, meaty profiling, and heartbreak
to be written, and shoes to write off.  It's all out
"Scully... Marry me?"
"Pftt!  This is serious."
"I know.  It's been distressing me lately, too.  At first,
I thought it was just their real lives getting in the way. 
Now, I think they're either at a loss for inspiration, or
their get up and go has got up and left.  I did go out
and poke Oracle, Philiator, XSketch, even Sam Piper.  I
know how hard it can be on a Fanfic character to think
that some day, we may fade into oblivion like Rosencrantz
and Guildenstern."
"Did you poke Pattie, Erin, bcfan... "
"So did I.  I swear I'm getting very angry having to poke
all over the place.  Say... Look at that!  See it?"
"Yes!  Scully!! Happy Dance time! People writing about us
again all over the place!  Just look at those WIPs popping
up, the deep Case Files, angst, torture, monsters,  Krychek
and Skinner... Oh, forgot Scully.  I've been getting our
old nemeses from the Consortium, and even the aliens into
the effort.  Look over here... The 2004 Spookys pages are
filling up with entries, too.  IOHO is still up and running!
Now, admit it, Scully.  You pushed the panic button."
"Well, I guess the evidence does say something.  But how
can we keep them up and at it?  New ones like Kimogen,
Katie, all the others who are popping up?"
"The same way as with the veterans.  Pokey stick.  And lots
of praise, Scully.  Feedback means a lot to the writers,
new and veterans.  Maybe we can poke readers to write
feedback.  It's almost essential that we keep up the
inspiration, and gentle little reminders like whispering in
their ears helps, too."
"Well, I can't say I disagree with you there. Can I still
look in on the sites for other shows?"
"Well, maybe when our workload eases up. I have more folks
on my poking list than Santa has on his Christmas List. I
could really use the help, Scully."
"Count me in.  Hmm, it's nearly nightfall in Europe. I
think we should start there.  Coming?"
"There's a line there somewhere... "
"Later, Mulder.  We have a job to do and let's fill these
people with our enthusiasm.  KRYCECK!  Get the hell over
here and bring the others.  It's time to run the Poke
Brigade and Inspiration League!'
"Be right with ya, Red!"
"She's mine!"


Author's Note: To all the people I didn't mention, I have
only the utmost respect for you.  To the people I did
mention, I salute you all equally and heartily. I especially
commend Mary Kleinsmith for "Lull" and all the injuries we at
Mulder's Refuge sustained from her arangements to have
Mulder and Scully poke us. It still hurts to turn sideways.

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Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, all other X-Files characters,
and the title belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions,
and Fox Studios.  Anyone else I may have mentioned do not
belong to me, with the exception of myself. This story has
earned me no money and I do not intend copyright