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Scully is being harassed by an unknown stalker.

Rated: PG

Category: SA, X-File.

Spoilers: None. Set around Season 3.

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8:35 PM, SEPTEMBER 15, 1996

As her stereo blared away, the petite red-head stood
in the hallway with cellphone in hand, hoping and praying
her partner would answer, since he always seemed to be
home by this time. She was more angry than scared,
really, and there was a reason her stereo was set to full blast.


Dana Scully let out a sigh of relief. "Oh, I'm so glad you

"Scully? What is it? You sound... Are you all right?"

"Yeah, yeah I am, Mulder. Look, I need you over here. I know
it's not office hours, and I know the regulations... "

"Forget the regulations. I'll be right over." Mulder grabbed his
coat and keys and headed for the door. Scully sounded scared.
He knows she would never admit it, but he did remember her
begging him to check her back for signs of abduction during
their very first case, and if that wasn't scared, then he was
Tom Cruise.

Scully was sitting on the hallway floor when he arrived forty minutes
later. He could see her still clutching the cellphone and staring into
her apartment in what seemed to be shock.

He knelt beside her and she didn't even notice. "Hey."

"Ahh! Mulder, don't do that to me!"

"You're not the nervous type. What's up?" Extending a hand to her,
he had intended to guide her into the apartment, but she stopped
him after she stood.

"Shh. I think we'd better talk out here."

"Don't you think the music is loud enough to cover anything you
might say, if someone's in there?"

"Nobody's in there. I think, well, I don't know how long... but, I was
unplugging my clock radio to move it, and the plug broke off. So,
when I turned off the circuit breaker and got into removing the plug
and the outlet cover..."

"You removed the outlet cover?" She's full of surprises, he thought.

"Had to clean around it. Anyway, I found what looks like a bug."

"A BUG bug? Or a surveillance bug?"

Scully didn't like the hint that she was afraid of insects. "Of course a
surveillance bug! First the office, now here. Who's doing this to us,

"And why? Let me take a look, and I'll see if I can find anything else
around here. Chances are, there's more than one. C'mon. And
please turn that down. Not everyone likes Smashing Pumpkins."

Careful not to say anything, Scully turned the stereo off. As she
walked around watching Mulder peering under sinks, into closets,
in her dresser and bedside table, she was surprised she didn't feel
as violated as when she happened upon the listening device. I DO
trust him, she realized. And I am a scaredy-cat for calling up this
big man to look for these mere objects of the idiots stupid enough
to set up listening devices.

Even the kitchen cupboards yielded no further surveillance
paraphernalia. The china cabinet was clear. Ditto the sofa.

"All clean, Scully. Can you think of anything out of the ordinary, anything
unusual around the neighbourhood, in the places you frequent?
Anything that didn't usually enter your routine? Strangers hanging
around extra long on the corner? Parked cars?"

"No... No. Not really. There was a hang-up call on my landline last night,
but some people just dial wrong numbers, you know that. Everything
seems as it should be. No new deliverymen in the area."

"Have you checked your emails?"

"Uh, yeah. Three days ago. I've been trying to catch up on some reading
and clarifying my report for the Salinsky case. There wasn't anything other
than a quick note from Mom, a birth announcement from a med. school
friend and a party invitation."

"Party? Sorry, none of my business. Partners. Check today's mail."

"Are you serious, Mulder?"

"Scully, you're an FBI Agent. You'd tell anyone else the same thing. You
know about being thorough in an investigation." When she just stood
there as if he was about to look into her private thoughts, he repeated,
"Check your email. You can trust me."

As she typed in her password, she knew that, yes, someone could be
doing something not on the up and up. And as a Federal Agent, she
was not immune to some harassment from a newly-released felon they
had apprehended. The pair went through the Junk Mail first, to be sure
she didn't delete some clue. There was a message from her brother
Bill about his recent Naval assignment, a reunion notice from high school,
a tenants' association meeting schedule, and a "Hello" from her mother.
One piece of mail was from an unfamiliar address with an unfamiliar
name. For a split second, she hesitated over the keyboard, and Mulder
nodded at her. It was not your usual howdy-do.

"'Sweet porcelain-faced angel
So lovely and small.
I'll have you forever--
Once and for all."
Clement C.'

"Clement C.? Is that a name for one of your admirers? Sounds more like
a plea one makes in a court. Don't you think?"

"I don't know anyone in the world named Clement. Maybe it was addressed to
me by mistake."

"Maybe it was someone we arrested and had convicted. Maybe someone who
beat a death sentence." Mulder's mind was already searching for names.
"Maybe you're being stalked."

"I doubt it. But I think we should go over the files and see what we can dig up."
*I think I am being stalked*, she admitted to herself.

"I think we should do it right now, Scully. This person sounds like he's not the
type to give up. Good thing he hasn't been calling you and emailing you
that... long... "

Scully turned very pale, if that was at all possible. "Wait... are you keeping
something from me that I should know? Because if you are, I can't be a good
Agent and help you, Scully. I think you've been looking tired since, let's see..
last week. And when Milligan and Sorens took us for lunch yesterday, you
forked your way through the whole meal. Don't you trust me? Look at me,

"Yeah, I just didn't want anyone thinking I was being paranoid. I thought I
could take it until I found out who it was. But... the... " She was starting to
shake, her voice quaverring with each word. "The bug was the last straw!"
She fell to her knees and began to sob. "I'm so sorry... "

Mulder knelt to hold her as a father would a child. "We'll get you through this.
We will find whoever's doing this." Mulder kissed her soft, fragrant hair. "We
won't stop until we do. I promise you. Let's go see what we can find in our

As Scully went to her room for her purse and jacket, the phone rang.

"Turn on the answering machine and let's go," Mulder advised her.

Scully stared back at the phone in sheer terror and then dashed out of the
place, slamming the door and locking it.

"Get my poem, sweet angel? Soon, you'll be all mine. Soon, Angel." "Unknown
name, unknown number" appeared on the phone display, and disappeared
with the click of the unsuitable suitor's receiver.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1996
11:00 PM

The desk was a mess of casefiles, but as haggard and worn-down as Scully felt,
she and Mulder were pouring through all the files available to them to begin their
search for Scully's tormentor.

"Hastings case: Jack Hastings called, followed and raped Janice Foldand six
other women. Nebraska police officer shot him. Mulder, we've been through all
the predator cases since I started working with you. Absolutely nothing in these
files about someone who calls himself "Clement C." And I don't recall hearing
the name in our work."

"None of these cases is an X-File. Scully, there were no Federal Agents
involved as victims. Well, you need your rest." Mulder began closing folders.
"Look, will you go to your Mother's for the night, at least?"

"She went to Bill's for a few days. I guess I could... "

"No, you're not staying alone. Look, I'd offer you my place, but there's only that

"I could stay in a motel. But I need a few of my things, so I'd be better off going
home. Really, I'll be fine."

"You're not fine now, are you? I'll bet you haven't slept well in days. The office is
not exactly the Hilton. Look, I agree you'd be better off in your own bed, but
I think this calls for a stake-out."

"A stake-out!? Mulder, I'm a big girl, I have my gun, I keep in shape... "

"And your partner is sworn to protect you in any and all duties. The guy isn't
going to stop, by the sound of it. I'll sleep on the couch. Tomorrow we go
through some of the X-Files predator cases, and we fill Skinner in on what's
been happening."

"Mulder, really, I don't need a body guard." Scully faked a smile. "I'm a good
shot, remember?"

"Get your stuff and let's get out of here." There was that no-nonsense look that
she just couldn't rebel against. But then, she always seemed to trust older father-
like men. She had even dated a couple. Strange, how fate or God would find
such a man for her to work with. And it was a rather endearing trait. That no-
nonsense decision to protect her.

"Okay," she sighed. "No tricks, and no stories to the guys tomorrow."

Mulder appreciated the gravity of the situation. "That is really uncalled for. You
know I'd never do anything to make you feel more vulnerable than you feel
right now. Scully pride aside. You're my best friend and my partner. C'mon.
We're outta here."

As Scully slept, (and Mulder insisted she give herself a sedative and watched
as she swallowed it), Mulder decided to quietly listen to the answering machine
for any suspect messages. Sure enough, the last caller was the man who had
left his words on tape as they left the apartment.

Mulder took notes, but there wasn't much evidence to build a proper profile yet.
And the email was little help. Scully had deleted all other messages from him.
She would have to be encouraged to reveal the contents of those emails, and
any phone calls she had listened to before the hang-up call -- if it was a hang-up
call. Somehow, Mulder felt Scully was holding back about her recent calls. Just
how long did she think no one would notice she looked thinner, seemed less
energetic, more pensive at the office? As Mulder pondered the tell-tale sign
he'd let slip past him, he was falling asleep. His near-slumber was shattered
by a loud, "NOOO!" followed by repeated screams.

He drew his gun and ran into Scully's bedroom. There was Scully, bolt upright,
scared as hell and sobbing, rocking, holding herself. Still, he searched the
room and checked the window, which was locked. Mulder sat by her side and
held her. "It's okay. You had a bad dream. You can tell me if you want to, or not.
I'm just here if you want to."

"I don't even remember. I don't even remember, but I just found myself awake
and so scared... I don't know what to think... I can't even remember why I
screamed," she cried. "But I'm glad you were here."

"This is really bothering you, isn't it? Look, you know total honesty is the only way
anyone can help you. We're good friends. I believe that. No one can store this
type of stress up forever, Now, I'm right out there if you need me, or want to

"I think I want to sleep... I'll talk to you later, okay? I promise. And I do trust you,
Mulder. I trust you."

"All right. Get some rest. We'll talk in the morning. I'll leave your door open."

"I was just going to ask that," she said, head now on her pillow, as she drowsed
off into slumber. "Mulder?"


"Thank you," she said sheepishly.

"Hey, you're going through a rough time. There's nothing to feel ashamed of.
Go to sleep."

With coffee and donuts in the car, the ride was quiet, almost somber. Scully
managed to sip her coffee, quietly going over things she shouldn't because
they were only upsetting her more. She had to pull herself out of that state,
she decided, if she was to help nab this privacy penetrator.

Mulder left her to her thoughts as he thought she wanted some emotional space.
As they entered the FBI parking garage, Mulder tried to reassure his partner as
best he could. "You know many of these guys just get their jollies out of your
reaction, Scully."

"Yeah. Look, I just feel so silly bringing you into this."

"Don't." He locked the car and they walked to the elevator, Scully peering back
and forth and all around. That was understandable. She was an agent as well
as a potential victim.

As they entered the office, Mulder was in need of the washroom, so Scully
picked up the phone, not thinking it could be anyone but Skinner or one of the
other agents in the building. "Scully."

A male voice, obviously disguised. "My dearest lady, I await our meeting. Won't be
long now. Get rid of your boyfriend and I'll show you a time... " She slammed the
receiver down as Mulder ran into the room.

He picked up his cell phone and quickly asked for a trace.

"Payphone. No time to get a location. You okay?"

"Oh, swell." She sat in front of the desk. "He awaits our

"I'll arrange for a phone tap at your place. We'll screen the email later and see if
the police have any recent similar complaints. And don't tell me you're fine. I want
you to see someone in Employee Services. Will you do that for my peace of

"I think maybe I should. After that, I'll need to talk to you."

2:00 PM

It was difficult to admit that she was feeling vulnerable, afraid and helpless. Helpless
to predict what her tormentor would dream up next, how he would carry out his plans.
Yet, she felt she owed it to Mulder as well as to the Bureau Social Worker to own up
to her state of mind if there was to be any resolution to this ... ordeal.

"Yeah, I feel like it's an ordeal. Mulder, I've been receiving sexually explicit threats
from this... this thing for three weeks. The things he says are things I have never in my
life even heard of. And I feel so damned... So damned angry that I can't punch him out,
that I can't feel stronger and not let it get to me."

"I can see that. Scully, how long have the emails been coming?"

"Since last week. Mulder, I shouldn't have erased them, I know. But just knowing that I
would even have to keep them for evidence made me feel so violated and dirty. I
thought I could make it all go away by ignoring his calls and mails."

Mulder put his hand on her shoulder for support. "It doesn't always work with the
determined sickos. Give me the name of your email provider and phone company.
Their records would tell us everyone who emailed or called you within the last three
weeks. Remember, tonight we'll have a wiretap. I've arranged to have it set up
after I take you home tonight. There's an agent watching your building already."

"Look... I didn't tell everything in my session. I couldn't let her hear the things I heard.
I didn't have the heart."

"Why are you always trying to protect everyone else, Scully? It needs to be brought
out if we are to get a profile of this guy, his M.O. and just maybe some of his sex
trade haunts in the area he lives."

Scully wrote some names and on a slip of paper, leaving them on the desk. "I need
a coffee. These are the email and phone companies. You want one?"

"Yeah, thanks. And, Scully?"


"You need to tell me everything."

"When I come back." Scully hadn't been long getting the coffee.

By the time Mulder had a log of email sent to her address, she had the coffee.
She looked at the computer display. "Find anything?"

Mulder shook his head. "Several different internet cafes, scattered around three
different towns. That's only the first week. I still have to go through the phone logs
when they come in. Maybe tonight we'll get something direct and nab the guy. So,
sit and talk."

Reluctantly, Scully sat in front of the desk and detailed contents of calls she
could remember and frighteningly obscene emails she had read. Midway, she had
to stop to compose herself, grabbing for a box of tissues.

"Okay, it's okay. You're not with a stranger. Take a few sips of your coffee, a few
deep breaths and we'll come back to it."

"Thanks, Mulder. Well, at least I have an on-the-job psychologist working with me.
That's a bonus."

"And friend," Mulder emphasized. "No matter what. We protect each other, you
know that."

"I know. And I'd protect you with my life. Okay, let's get all this over with."

The details were recorded as Mulder made some notes pertaining to this 'Clement
C', if that was indeed his real name. Terms such as sexually immature, unfulfilled,
misogynistic, paranoid, overly confident... the list grew by the minute. Then a few
things were scratched out. Scully managed to get through the rest of what she
was able to recall.

Then, the emails and telephone numbers were studied.Mulder stretched mid-
afternoon and tried to relieve some muscle tension in his back. Scully put the
monitor on screen-saver. "I guess you're about as wiped out as I am,"
he whispered, a tired hoarseness in his voice.

"Very wiped-out. I forgot, I need to call about going to my high-school reunion."

As Scully picked up the receiver and was ready to punch in the numbers, Mulder
took the receiver from her hand. "Did you say high school reunion?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Because maybe, just maybe this guy went to school with you."

"C'mon, Mulder. I went to an all-girls' school."

"But guys did hang around outside waiting at dismissal time, right? I mean, they
were waiting for their girlfriends, or looking for a girlfriend?"

"Sure. But I don't remember anyone being taunted by someone like this,

"Just the same, I think we should check things out."


"We go to your reunion. That's if the records here don't pan out."


The rest of the afternoon had been tense and the evening ahead was no different.
Scully had grown to live in fear of the telephone ringing, and tried not to even look
at it. She was tempted to yank the plug from the wall, but the wiretap was already
set up by the time she thought of that one.

The agents had picked up dinner on the way to Scully's home. Chinese Food was
always a good bet, and something special was more appetizing than home-cooked
food tonight.

"Well, it's about time you ate something," Mulder remarked. "This is better than the
usual place we order from."

"It's all right, I guess. So, did you find any pattern to the phone numbers or the

"Well, the phone calls have a couple of patterns to them, and forget about the
emails. This guy forged most of the addresses. You sure there was nothing in
your regular mail?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing, Mulder. I promise, I am not holding anything back."

"Too bad. If there was something written, we could have a graphologist look at it,
even compare the writing with other harrassing letters."

As Scully grabbed some breaded jumbo shrimp, the phone rang, jangling her out
of the beginnings of comfort.

"Well, go ahead. I'm right here."

She walked slowly to the phone and lifted the receiver to her ear. "Scully."

"Not long my pretty one. Not long. Soon I will see you,'touch you and... " Scully held
the receiver far from her ear as the man went on in explicit, frightfully vivid detail, and
Mulder listened in on the bedroom extension.

Mulder peered out of the bedroom long enough to mouth the words, "Keep him on
as long as possible."

"Why are you calling me? I don't know you," she fumbled for words, "but I think you...
have a problem and, uh,... "

"Nice try sister. Gotta go now. And get rid of Mr. Whatshisname!"

Mulder came out and announced that there had not been a successful trace, but by
the time there was a clue to the location of the call, the man would likely be far from
the phone. "Recognize anything about his voice?"

"No, it was disguised. Almost like an impressionist. A fake Southern accent, I think.
And gravelly. But he changes it a lot. I can't think of anyone I know or even knew
who does that."

"Well, at least we can work on it. Just put the answering machine on. Relax. Finish
the supper... "

Scully was off to the bathroom in a flash.

"Scully?" Mulder ran after her and knocked on the bathroom door. "Are you all

She flushed and then washed her face. "Umm... yeah. Just sick. I think it's the 'flu
or something." She exited the bathroom. "Really. I'm fine."

"It's your nerves." Mulder was right. He saw Scully trembling. "Okay. Come into
the living room, watch some T.V. and keep me company. Keep your mind
occupied. C'mon."

Scully reluctantly followed her partner into the living room and sat on the couch.
She thought how lucky she was not to have been alone, to have someone there.
It was a good feeling. But, what would the night ahead bring? She hoped quiet
and rest. Hoped.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1996
7:00 AM

The prevous night had brought no solace for Dana Scully. If she hadbeen afraid
up until now, then she was terrified today. She dressed and dried her hair as Mulder
took his turn in the shower. Coffee hadbeen brewing already. Nice of him to put it
on, she thought.

As she was sipping her morning jolt, she heard the sound of people inthe hallway.
They sounded like moving men, as she had expected someone to be renting a
vacant apartment on her floor this month. She opened her door to investigate

There didn't seem to be anyone but the movers hauling furniture and boxes, so
she closed the door. If she was lucky, maybe it would be a nice, quiet female
business woman, or an insurance salesman who kept to himself. Maybe a nice,
reserved, married couple. "Dream on," she whispered to herself.

She poured Mulder a coffee and freshened her own as he came into the kitchen
adjusting his tie.

"Sleep at all?"

"No. I couldn't. I hope you did."

"A bit. Maybe we'll get a better lead today, Scully. Look, I'm sure Skinner would
understand if we asked for more help. We don't seem to have enough people
doing this."

"Maybe. Maybe it's just a matter of time. Look, it's almost time to leave, so I think
I can drive myself in, Mulder. Really, I might want to do some shopping later."

"Well, so might I. How about that? See, there's more than one reason to drive a
friend to work, Scully. Seriously, you look beat, and your nerves are shot. If you
want to go in to work, and you should, because maybe we can keep you busy
on another case, then please let me drive you." Mulder listened to the noise in
the hallway. "A new neighbour?"

"Probably. It's been empty for about three weeks, now. This building stays pretty
full. We have a good landlord."

"Yeah, uh, can I get in touch with him?"

"My landlord? Sure. Why?"

"Just a thought. You're right. It's time we got in to work."

Assistant Director Walter Skinner was more than willing to supply more manpower
to help find Scully's stalker. "I'll give you three more men, and Scully, I want you to
take some time off."

"Would that be wise, Sir? With all due respect, I know you're concerned and I really
appreciate it, but I think we'd have better luck catching this guy in the act."

"But look what this has done to you? You don't even know the guy, and he's really
done a number on you physically and emotionally," Mulder countered.

Skinner sat back and thought. Weighing the pros and cons of letting Scully stick
around to be bothered by this sick person, he decided to let Scully choose to do
as she wished. "It's up to you, Agent Scully. Whatever you decide, I'll back you up all
the way. The agents I put outside your apartment should be reporting shortly.
Meanwhile, I want you to keep doing all you can to get to the bottom of this."

"Phone logs, email logs, both show consistent patterns in some respects, however, this
man seems to be changing patterns with regularity, Scully. Maybe we can pinpoint
some pattern from dates instead of places, I don't know. Seems to me he only called
or wrote when we weren't out in the field."

"Yeah, I noticed that. Maybe I'm forgetting something. Maybe I missed something in my
neighbourhood. It might be someone who knows who I am, and yet I don't know him.
But we're still not getting anywhere."

"Well, I think we are. Maybe he's getting closer to home. Maybe that's where we
should be looking."

"Mulder, I've lived in the same neighbourhood for nearly four years and haven't been
bothered by anyone. Well, with the exception of Mrs. McVeigh's yowling cat,
maybe. Seriously, my neighbours are about as normal as anyone gets."

"What's normal?"

"Oh, here we go. Mulder, you seem to forget that not everyone's out toget somebody."

"Scully, you seem to forget there's someone threatening you personally, as a woman
and as a human being. 'Get rid of the boyfriend'. I'd say he's threatening me, too, not
that I'm your boyfriend."

"Well, you can call my landlord and check out everyone in my building. I doubt anyone
is involved in anything but their own lives. I hardly ever bother with them." Scully
thought how lonely that must have sounded. "But I am a busy person," she added.

"It's the job." Mulder jotted down the number Scully dictated to him, asking for a list of
clients, and his opinions of them. He also ran some background checks through their
Social Security Numbers. There was something rather interesting about Scully's
newest neighbour.

Scully went through the email addresses and checked with internet providers, coming
up with relatively the same changes and patterns as Mulder had found in the phone

"Well, Scully, your new neighbour is a Mr. Alden Vargas."

"Alden Vargas... Well, I can't say I've heard the name before. I once knew an Alden a
long time ago in San Diego. A Navy brat. But I think I was a very little girl then."

"He may be worth looking into just the same. We might even drop in on him soon."

"With all due respect, Mulder. Your clothes are in Alexandria and so is your apartment.
May I suggest you go home tonight? I'll be all right with an agent out front and my cell
within reach."

"But the stores here are so much better than the ones at home, so I think I'll just buy
myself a change of clothing and drive you home all the same. Besides, I want to meet
this Alden Vargas. And I want to make sure you don't have another night like last

7:00 PM

Mulder ushered Scully straight to her apartment in order to get her out of sight, because,
in his mind, the stalker could be anywhere in the vicinity, including the newly-rented
apartment on her floor.

"Mulder! What's the rush?"

"Listen, I didn't want to say anything yet, but just maybe this guy is closer than you
think." He took his newly-purchased clothes into the bathroom.

Scully carried a couple of bags of groceries into the kitchen and began putting things
away. "Mulder, now I think you're being silly. I bet you think he's right in this building!"

"Well, maybe, Scully." As Mulder helped her put a box of crackers in the cupboard,
she put the kettle on the stove. "Anyway, it's only a thought. And the sooner we get
anything else to go on, the sooner this will be all over, and you can be your old,
strong, 'I'm fine' Scully and get on with your quiet life."

"Quiet? It was ONLY quiet here, Mulder. Life on the road is never dull."

"Are you saying I'm never dull?"

"Don't push it, Mulder. These past three years have not been your typical
work-a-day world years. Strange, gooey, even enlightening, but never dull.
Why don't I put something together for supper. I think I remember how to

"You're okay with that?"

"I think so." The kettle whistled, and she made them some tea.

"I think I can manage to think of this as a case. As long as I do that... " Her eyes
managed to see an envelope slipping under her door. "Uh, why don't you go
wash up while I get to work?"

"I'll be in the shower. Don't answer the phone, remember. Let the answering
machine pick up. Promise me?"

"Yes, I promise." As soon as Mulder was out of the room, she went for the envelope.
Her hands trembled as she was tempted to open it, or burn it, or give it to Mulder,
or tear it up and flush it. A wave of hot anxiety swept over her, her heart beat a mile-a-
minute, and she began to sweat. "No. You are not going to frighten me."

"Give that to me, Scully."

Mulder must have seen the envelope and wondered how far Scully would go. "All
right. Look, maybe it's just from one of my friends."

"I doubt if your 'friends' leave notes under the door when they know you're home.
" Mulder tore the letter open. "Let's just see what this says... Remember Tenants'
Association Meeting next Tuesday, Fran."


"It had you scared, Scully. Stop it. Don't invite the fear. Leave these things to the
ones who are trying to help you."

"Right. I mean, all right. Mulder, I'm sorry, but I am starting toget angry about this.
Look, go have your shower. I'll be okay." She retrieved two steaks from the freezer
part of the refrigerator and placed them in a casserole dish, added some tomato
sauce and put them into the oven. As she reached into the fridge for a bag of
frozen corn, she heard what sounded like a gunshot. She ran to the window facing
the street, then grabbed her gun to investigate.

As Scully reached the lobby via the stairs, she carefully peered out the door, then
raised her gun as she exited the building. The agents who had been watching her
building were nowhere in sight. As she looked to her right, a gloved hand went
over her mouth. She heard a raspy, disguised voice warn her, "Don't scream.
Tonight, my little doll, will be the night of my dreams."

Scully couldn't knee him, kick him, or throw him. The man held her in such a way
as to prevent her from any of her self-defence tactics. He began to speak his list
of things to do with her that night -- grizzly, unthinkable things. Scully tried not to listen.
She tried to hum. It was of no use.

"FBI Freeze! Let her go now and I won't kill you!" Mulder arrived with a towel
wrapped around his waist. "Now!"

The assailant released Scully and held his hands in the air, turning to face Mulder.
"Awright, Awright! Just... don't shoot!"

"You have the right to remain... " Then, Mulder asked, "You okay, Scully?"

"Yeah, uh... I heard a shot and came down to investigate. Thanks."

"Well, obviously our watchdogs were the victims of a red-herring. Are you sure you
don't know Alden Vargas?"

Scully looked closely at the man as he was being led to a police car. "That's my
stalker? That's the dirty minded S.O.B.? Mulder, he works at a supermarket I
frequent in Washington!"

"Well, it is a small world, Scully."

"That isn't funny, especially since you're wearing nothing but a towel."

"Sorry. I'll get dressed, and take you down to file the complaint. I mean about

Scully smiled. "Hey, Mulder. Thank you, I really mean it. You've been so supportive.
Just... can you do me a favor?"


"Turn the oven down. I want to make sure I don't burn your dinner."

"Scully, I think this is progress."


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