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Title: Let's Have an Argument

Rated: PG

Summary: So, where do we live next?

Category: MSR, Humor, married. Dialogue.

"What about The Falls of Arcadia?" Mulder offered. "Quiet..."

"Shades of 1984: total control and uniform housing. A big no-no."

Not that Scully was a real rebel, but she was right about the

"Bellefleur, Oregon? Scenic, nostalgic..."

"Dangerous, bad memories..."

"Home. That nice little town..."

"Inbred family with a penchant for violent self-preservation. Nice
thing to remember everytime you pass that house."

"Three Mile Island! I've heard glowing reports. NO!! Give me one
suggeston that makes sense, a place we have met no aliens, weirdos,
scammers, vampires, liver eaters, flukes... can you do that, dear?
I think we've been almost everywhere and run into weird things."

She thought long and quietly, smiled and whispered: "Wherever
you are, but not wherever there's nobody home upstairs, daily
rainmaking madmen, little men with large orbital sockets and
grey skin. No places where large flukemen travel the sewers
and into your bathtub. No towns that harbour ritualistic
cannibalism for perpetual youth. No town where two people share
the same birthday during some cosmic convergeance of planets
and constellations."

"I guess the SETA site area in Cuba is out, too, right?"

"Are you trying to annoy me?"

"Yes. Because it's fun making up!" he laughed. "Well?"

"We can't live at your place, because the landlord rented it out.
If we live at this place, one of these days there will be some
very determined, unwelcome visitors. So, where can we live?
How about West Tisbury, at your father's old house?"

"You little romantic, Mrs. Mulder. I knew you'd come up with
a great place!"

"Silly! We discussed this months ago, didn't we?" She pulled
his head up and down in a nod. "And you suggested it. So, get
some old newspapers and let's get packing! After all, you'll
be teaching Outreach Psychology courses next month, and you've
got some course outlining to go over."

"Aw, married six months and hen-pecked already." Puppy-dog look.
"Well, I think that little William, and our little friend in your
belly there are two very lucky kids to have a Mom like you."

"And a loving Dad like you, to protect them. Just... no Tooms or
cockroach stories at bedtime, okay?" Scully patted Mulder's back
and smiled.

"Yes, Mom. Now can we kiss an make up?'

"We didn't have an argument... "

"I know. But I'm a great pretender. I imagine it was a very, VERY
heated argument... I have a lot to make up to you."

"Yes," she grinned. "I believe you do."

"Do not..."


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