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Have you ever wondered what Fox Mulder has daydreamed about?

Rated: PG-13

Spoilers: Wee mention of Pilot, Arcadia.

Category: MA. Story, Companion piece to Caught: Scully's

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Young Fox Mulder, at age four was given a little sister, and this
was when his daydreaming began.

He often sat under the trees outside his parents' home and ran
his Tonkas back and forth, dreaming he was building huge castles
that only the rich and famous were able to afford. His building
materials were gold bricks, the finest lumber and the strongest
nails in the land. Windows of the finest crystal opened into a
world of a happy family with ten little boys all tackling one another,
watching Star Trek, and planning on saving the world while
scanning maps and charts.

He came to accept his sister and daydreamed that they were living
in the finest castle in the world; that their parents were the Royal
Family of Mulderland, untouchable and the envy of all, and that all,
even what's-his-name, Dad's best friend, were mere outsiders
looking in. He was, in Fox's daydreams, the knave who was
spending most of his life in the dungeon for calling Fox a nosy
little boy.

At age 12, Fox ceased daydreaming. For his world was shattered
by the disappearance of his sister Samantha, and he hated the fact
that he was unable to stop it from happening. Fox Mulder became
serious, sullen, and determined to make a life for himself despite
this horror of horrors. His determination was only strengthened when
Teena and Bill Mulder divorced bitterly. He had no doubt the knave
who had inhabited the castle basement at one time was part of this
divorce, as well as his sister's sudden disappearance.

As soon as Fox was ready for University, he distanced himself from
his mother and his father. He made sure to excel in school to prepare
himself for the best post-secondary education he could attain.

At Oxford University, he graduated at the top of his class in Criminology
and Profiling. His stint at Scotland Yard earned him accolades, as he
and his partner, Phoebe Green, arrested a most heinous villain in one
Monty Props.

His grades at the FBI Academy were also enviable. He found an
assignment to the Violent Crimes Unit and was quite a successful profiler,
until he discovered a collection of crimes of not only unsolved, but quite
unusual case files. The X-Files Office opened up a whole new world for
him. He was made aware of these files by one retired FBI agent, Arthur

His passion for the paranormal was further fuelled by a slew of alien
abduction claims hitting the newspapers throughout the 1970's and 1980's.
When he met a trio of men at a communications convention in 1989, while
searching for a scientist who had "defected" to another country, he became
even more fascinated by UFO's, aliens, and government conspiracies.
Perhaps, he began to surmise, Samantha Mulder was also a victim of an
insidious alien abduction or government plot. His wish to locate his sister,
(alive, please, God!), grew strong.

His FBI superiors were becoming iritated as he delved into the unexplained,
with his first X-Files partner Diana Fowley. Fowley was assigned to another
job and, for a time, it was just Fox and his files.

Dana Scully was recruited out of medical school and into the FBI to debunk
Fox Mulder's work. The F.B.I. knew that her scientific background was bound
to send reports that Mulder had no foundation for his theories. So they hoped.
Scully smelled a spy set-up from the start and wanted no part of sending little
notes back to the boss-boys. She had a mind of her own and would not write
false reports.

Mulder rather enjoyed the petite red-head's pragmatism, for her intellect was
one attractive trait! Their work together was beginning to prove some of his
beliefs. She was strong, supportive and open. And she was caring. They looked
after each other before any sector of government could hurt them, and any
paranormal occurrance or creature could consume them. The Mr. and Mrs.
Spooky rumours were shrugged off when the numbers came in on the solved

One day, not too far into their partnership, Fox found himself alone in the office,
compiling a report. He rested his eyes for a few moments, removing his reading
glasses and sitting back in his chair. He had noticed his growing trust in Scully.
And her trust in him. It was not only refreshing--it was becoming attractive. He
actually saw her as a woman with kissable lips and very silky hair, softly
whispering that she didn't mind his tender caresses along her jawline, silky
neck and much further. He kissed her loneliness away; she made him feel like
the handsome prince he had been in his childhood. His royalty was restored. And
although Princess Samantha was proved dead, Prince Fox felt that Scully was
his Royal Consort. The Queen of his Kingdom.

Each comforted the other when danger had wounded their persons. It felt natural
to hold her as she sobbed after Donnie Pfaster's near murderous attempt at
hairdressing and a manicure. Whether he had been shot, regressed by an
unethical psychologist, or just sickened by evil, she was there to hold him and
reassure him.

He was so deeply into one of his fantasies one day, that he hadn't heard Scully
enter the office. She let him rest his head on the desk after a night spent at the
office. "If only... yes... someday I will be able to say it... nice to know your legs are
so... "

"Mulder?" she asked with concern. "You okay?"

"Mmm, yeah." He sat bolt upright when he realized she was there. "Scully! Hey,
good morning. Finally got the information we wanted. Took a few emails, but I think
we can get this done in about two more days." That was a close call. "Spent all
night here working and I guess I fell asleep. "Any progress with your homework,
Doctor Scully?"

"Good. Well, I wrote up the autopsy report on the most recent one. I think we can... "

Another day, on another assignment, they were posing as Rob and Laura Petrie, in
The Falls of Arcadia. Mulder was asleep, well, not really asleep, on the couch early
one morning. After a very erotic dream, about Scully, he lay there fantasizing. "If
only you could see... closer, yes, I need to hear you say the same... Scully...
Scully... " he was seen whispering.

"Hey... breakfast, Rob. And the name is Laura."


"I didn't mean to scare you. C'mon, we have work to do. Oh, wait, were you... "

"Was I what?" he asked innocently.

"Never mind. I think I can guess. Perfectly normal... given the situation."

"Scully... it's always been perfectly normal for me to think of you as more than a

"Well, hotshot, did you really think I didn't know, after all these years? We can talk
about it another time... "

"I always knew when you were into one of YOUR... reveries."

"Well, I think we need to get the scary monsters and conspirators out of the way if
we're ever going to be in good enough shape to do anything about it all. But thanks
for sharing."

"Thanks for catching me in the act," he said with a grin. "Keep the eats warm for
me. I need a shower."

"And I need a good sample analyzed, so get going! Dreamer... "


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