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William had a great time playing with a new Tonka Truck his
grandmother had given him for his birthday. He was hauling a
stuffed cuddly he referred to as 'icky', which was, loosely
translated, actually 'Trixie', after a friend down the street. A
three-year-old girl who he just adored. Oh, he had other
cuddly toys, but none as soft and huggable as this little dog.

Dana Scully-Mulder was now six months pregnant and
beginning to feel uncomfortable when trying to sit and dine.
She would laugh it off when something fell onto her clothing
and joke, "Can't dress me up and take me anywhere", or,
"This material is highly absorbent and makes it easier for my
skin to reap the benefits of oatmeal... "

When the phone rang, she expected to hear that Fox had been
delayed at work by exams and would be home by bed time.
However, this was no such call.


"Dana!" It was Monica Reyes. "I hope I'm not catching you at
a bad time... "

"No, actually. I was just watching William play a bit and grabbing a
couple of pillows for my legs. It's great to hear from you. I've been
thinking about you."

"Well, I have some very good news. You will never guess. This is
so good I'd like to send you an e-mail about it because it is that
good, and we don't want to share, if you get my drift."

"Indeed I do. Can I share it with my loving husband?"

"Yes, and that is a MUST! You know, I think this might just make
your day!" Monica was smiling as she looked over to Doggett,
who was busy filing a report on video copyright fraud.

"I do look forward to good news," Doggett played along.

"So, I will send you the good news immediately and while you and
your hubby celebrate, John and I will be so happy to have made
your day!"

Scully was smiling. "This sounds really good," she commented.
"Is it about new 'medical' breakthroughs in disease prevention,
by any chance?"

"Why, yes. Gotta go. Have an e-mail to send. Bye, Dana."

"See you soon, Monica. Thanksgiving is coming up, and the invitation
still stands."

"Gearing up for it. Bye now."

"Bye." Scully put down the phone and went over to the antique desk
Mulder's father had left at the house. She opened their e-mail account
and sat on the couch chatting to William as he was playing. It wasn't
long before the 'ding' arrived, heralding the arrival of a new message.
She read it immediately and her face lit up like a Christmas tree. A big
Christmas tree like the one in New York's Central Park. How she just
couldn't wait to spring this one on Mulder!

She grabbed a small plate of cookies and poured some milk for William
and herself. The little one inside of her was now kicking more and
especially active at night. "God bless you," she said to the big unborn

Mulder arrived home at the usual time, 8:00 p.m. William was in bed,
and the couple had Irish stew for supper. She just seemed to be so
happy she looked as though she was going to burst. "And just what is
that little smirk I see, Mommy?"

"Oh, a little e-mail that came for the two of us from Monica Reyes."

"She twisted Doggett's arm and got him to marry her?"

"No. Even better than that."

"Are you going to talk dirty?"

"This is the best news since we found you alive and well in the prison.
Mulder, I want to let you read it and get the same satisfaction as I did.
It has to do with our antibodies and that's all I will reveal. Now, get thee
to that computer!"

"Yes, Ma'am!" Mulder hoped it was about a delivery system for the
anti-viral. He quickly opened the mail and went to the one sent from
Reyes. "Hey Scully! Everyone who gets a 'flu shot this year gets the
anti-viral without knowing! Mandatory 'flu shots for everyone between
ages 2 and the very elderly will be required beginning this Thursday,
with no exceptions. They're going to call for the worst season ever
with an especially virulent strain of influenza ready to hit North America,
Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia... well, at last we've found the delivery

Scully brought Mulder a slice of cake. "Yes, and the next question is:
How do we distribute the magnetite, how much is needed, and when
can we all go on with our lives--hopefully long past 2012?"

"We can find out, Dr. Scully. I have some sources...

She leaned over to hug her husband. "I know you do. And I
know you miss working at the FBI and you know it, too.
So, why are you in such denial? Mulder, there's been a lot
of pain, you were horribly set up and so was I. But YOU
were the one who finally got them on your side, Skinner,
Kersh, me, Reyes, Doggett. You found evidence no one could
imagine finding, explained some seemingly inexplicable
things, and convinced the most skeptical people in the Bureau to

"Maybe your brother Bill, someday, too."

"Don't joke about this. I see the gleam in your eye when you speak
of 'that basement office'. Last night, you dreamed about kicking the file
cabinet and you ended up on the floor of our bedroom."

"All right, I admit it. I miss my disorganized file cabinet. But I love this
cake, and I would miss you and William a lot more than that job."

"I have a few fond memories of it myself," Scully admitted.
"You know, I met you... "

"And you got to slice and dice... and see some very gruesome, slimy,
liver-sucking... "

"Not really a good time to say that, Mulder."

"Sorry. I forgot about the nausea. What did the doctor say, anyway?"

"Our baby and I are fine, Mulder. Some women have morning sickness
more than others. He said we are growing well and there's nothing to
worry about. In three more months, we'll be in the labor room. This time,
I want no unwelcome on-lookers, if you know what I mean."

Another e-mail came up on the screen. Mulder opened it immediately as it was
from Walter Skinner.


"Yeah. I think I could use a coffee along with this cake. Maybe it's just the same
news Monica gave us."

"Well, open it up and find out. I'll put William to bed and make some fresh coffee.
After this cup, I'm afraid I'm past my limit."

Mulder waited as Scully took William upstairs and read a story to him. Good news or
bad, he owed it to his life partner to share it with her. He decided they could read the
e-mail together. "I'll make the coffee!" He shouted up the stairs. "The e-mail can wait."

As Fox placed the coffee grounds in the filter he thought of the years he'd spent
tracking down his sister, all the false leads, the alien chasing, the losses he and
Scully had endured over the years. "It's a wonder I wasn't put in a straight jacket
years ago," he thought. He filled the coffee maker with water and pressed the 'brew'
button. As he looked out the kitchen window at the dark, moonless night sky, he felt
torn between two worlds. He wanted to give Scully and their children a peaceful
home life. By the very nature of the work, FBI life was often the cause of widows,
widowers, and orphans.

Even dealing with drug dealers could mean one less husband or wife going home
from the field. Then, there was the issue of the alien shadow government within
the FBI. The thought of that made him angry. On the other hand, if he hadn't found
out about it, who would have? Would that person have endured what he and Scully
had endured? Would they have had the same outcome?

"All tired out and went down without a fight," Scully declared, as she poured coffee
into the mugs. "Well... Hey, where are you?"

"Oh, somewhere between here and there. I like it here better. Let's see what ole
Walter has to say."

The message was short and direct. "Magnetite solution spraying to start this fall
as fruitfly control in U.S. and Canada, parts of Europe and Asia. There will be
nighttime spraying in countries not currently harvesting fruit and vegetables due to
season and climate. Tell your friends to get their shots."

Mulder turned and rose to kiss Scully. "Call your mother and tell her to get
immunized, okay?"

"You bet."

"That's my girl. Looks like we have a long future right on our doorstep."

"I like seeing you smile, Mulder. You've had me worried for a few months."

"Well, I am about to become a father again. I have to look out for our brood."
He hugged her tightly and smiled. "I haven't felt this hopeful in a long time. It's
a great feeling."

"You don't know how long I've been praying for all this," she beamed. "I feel like
everything is falling into place so nicely. All it took was a bit of faith."

"You're right. Now, I just need to check for a few e-mails from the college, then I
want to massage your ankles."

"I'll leave you to your mail. I think I'll soak in the tub and count my blessings. You
are number one, of course."

"Sometimes I think I was a curse... "

"What has happened has happened. Let's make a promise to each other to live
in the here and now, okay?"

"The here and now? Where's the mystery, the excitement, the thrill... "

Scully pointed to her abdomen. "Right here, and right behind those beautiful
eyes of yours. See you in a while" She was half-way up the stairs when he called
to her.



"I love you."

"I LIVE you. Here, now, and forever."


Disclaimer:  All characters, references to original Myth-Arc and the original X-Files title belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios. However, CC DID leave things unfinished, so this follow-up series to Journey to the Distant Shore is the next step in my endeavour to tie up loose ends. No money has been made from any of my fanfiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.