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Part 4: Jeremiah Isn't A Bullfrog

It was a short hop from Connecticut to West Tisbury, however John
Doggett made sure Monica Reyes' replacement partner had arrived
before travelling to Mulder's home. He opted for a taxi rather than
a rental car, arriving at Mulder's doorstep at 2:55 that afternoon.

Dana was resting with her feet up, reading a medical periodical
when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," Mulder called out as he ran down from their
bedroom. "No need to get up. And welcome to our humble abode,

"This really is New England. So, where's the little dynamo?"

"He naps at this time," Scully informed him. "So, I think we'd
better keep our voices down, okay?"

"No problem. When Luke was that age... well, that's still a
tough subject."

"You ought to talk to someone," Scully urged him. She put the
periodical on the coffee table and sat up. "Monica's a good
listener, you know."

"Yeah. Talk don't bring back the dead. So, are we gonna
talk kids or talk business?"

"Sit down. I'll get you a coffee." Mulder took the man's
suitcase and placed it beside the stairway. "I expect
Jeremiah Smith to show up as well."

"Jeremiah Smith. So just where is the man of the hour?"

"He'll show up. I told him you were coming out and he'll be
here. He just seems to know when he's needed."

"I see. So he "pops" in?" Doggett still had problems with the

concept that even an alien would know where and when to appear.

"Yes," Scully replied. "He just does."

As she was saying those very words, the alien rebel known as
Jeremiah Smith walked into the livingroom from the kitchen.
"I just do. Mr. Doggett, nice to see you again." He and
Doggett shook hands.

"Yeah. So, let me get this straight: Your guys won't interfere
to help us with the Navajo, but you are against the

"Yes. We believe in as little interference as possible."

"Oh, like the Prime Directive on Star Trek? C'mon, you've been
chasing these guys all over the galaxy and you give us that

"They have a moral code just as most of us have," Mulder informed
Doggett. "And just be thankful they do, because the shapeshifters
and the grays do not. The grays would put their D.N.A. into
anyone they can to act as a host to carry out their agenda, to
gestate them and act for them. Doggett, if you had seen Scully
in the Antarctica... "

"I've been given a clear mental picture," Doggett admitted.

"We really don't have time to be arguing and going over all
this," said Scully. "I think we need to work out negotiations
between the Navajo and the scientists, get the mining going and
the whole process into action. Now, Mulder has agreed to speak
with the Navaho. But there is always the element of risk, and
this time it is too high for our liking. There is a family
involved here. Our family. John, I am asking you to go with
Mulder to the reservation to speak with Albert Hostein's son.
This is the only way to get the magnetite. They have known for
centuries that this is vital to preventing Colonization, but
they believe that Mulder is the only man they should deal with.
The only person. This data goes back thousands of years, and I
have the files and book to prove it."

"Well, who am I to argue with the scientist who once said I
should try looking into the extreme possibilities? How much
danger would Mulder be in, Jeremiah?"

"I cannot be certain of anyting right now. I DO know that the
enemies are not that concerned as they think of the Anasazi
writings as mere legend and nonsense. They do not see him as
a threat as far as this is concerned, as they have no idea
what Mulder will be doing. However, they know of your
respective immunity to the virus."

Scully was crestfallen. "We're not safe, then! All these
months... "

"Whoa!" Doggett made an effort to reassure the mother-to-be.
"You have been safe for all this time. There's no reason to
think you will be in danger now. We are watching, and you
know that"

"As we are," Smith said with a soothing voice. "You've all survived

for this long with or without our help. All we ask is just one more
step that Mr. Mulder must do on his own, and then you are forever
free of the conspiracies, deceptions, and ghosts of the past.
Without these things behind you, can you ever feel truly at peace
with yourselves? With each other?"

Scully brushed her hair aside. "Boy, that's heady stuff. I seldom
think of blaming Mulder's quest for any personal losses."

"You almost sound as if you're black-mailing me, and I won't have it!
Now I'm beginning to sound like my father arguing with Mom all those
years ago.

"It's there, though. You remember it, deep down. When the night is
full of the dreams... I apologize for my honesty... "

"Look," Doggett whispered. "There's no sense in getting all worked
up. William's taking a nap, and this is about the only time we
have to get things straightened out. Now, Mulder, I'm willing to go
out to the reservation with you. If it's the only thing left for
you to do before you have this child and teach your classes, would
you just do it? The rest of us would like to live without the year
2012 hanging over our heads, too!"

"We'll leave tomorrow," Mulder decided. "Scully and I have set up
the guest room for you. Let's arrange for a flight out there and
get in touch with the elders."

"Let's make is as early and as quick as possible." Doggett urged
Mulder. "I don't want the aliens in the F.B.I. to get suspicious.
I've been asked a lot of pointed questions these past couple of

"Well, we certainly appreciate the risks you and the others have been
taking on our account," Scully said. "Look, why don't you get
settled, we'll have a good dinner, make an early night of it and try
to relax. Besides, I make a mean peach pie. Jeremiah, you're more than
welcome to stay... Where'd he go?"

Jeremiah seemed to have disappeared.

"That's one of his habits he just can't give up," Mulder smiled. "I
guess it's natural for him."

"I'D like to see Fox Mulder read a beadtime story. Now THAT would be
one thing I'd really find spooky..."

"He's a natural," Scully interjected. "Why he's put me asleep many a
time... "

"And you were such a non-believer." With a finger he put a point on
an invisible scoreboard.

"Well, William's up. You just make yourself at home, John. Mulder,
maybe he'd like some coffee or tea. Coming, William!" Scully eased
herself up from the sofa and went upstairs.

"She's looking a lot better this time around," Doggett observed.

"Well, this time there was no alien messing with the eggs. You
should have seen her face when she read the pregnancy test. I'd
give anything to see that look again."

"Maybe you will."

"So, are you thinking of remarrying and... whatever?"

"Marriage and kids? That's going to take a lot of work. I've barely
come to terms with the truth about Luke. But Monica is helping me. She
seems to be free, somewhat interested. This just isn't the time for

"Well, when the times comes, let her know as quickly as possible. I
learned that the hard way. Even if you've been burned or dumped, it
is worth another shot with someone new."

"Maybe. Hey! There's the little guy now! Come here, you!"

"Unky Doggie!" William ran to hug Doggett.

"That's Uncle John," Scully admonished him.

"Like father like son," Doggett joked. "You're a big guy, William.
Are you all wide awake now?"

"Yeah. Gotta run!" The child zoomed out of the room to get some

"He sure has a lot of energy," Mulder admitted. "I hope you'll be okay
for a day or so."

"Oh, I think I will. I worked almost to the end with William. Besides,

I can ask my Mom out here anytime. She said she'd be here at the drop
of a hat if I needed her."

"Wish she were my Mom."

"No, Mulder. I think you wish your Mom were here."

I do, So, coffee? Tea?"

"Sure. Just let me put my stuff in your guest room. I think I can
find it."

"Okay," Mulder said. "You're too used to those motels... "

"Tell me about it. I can't sleep without neon lights going off and
on outside my window." Doggett headed upstairs with his bag.

"Well," Scully mused. "I guess Jeremiah isn't a bullfrog anymore."

Fulfill the Prophecy.

The flight into Albuquerque was relatively uneventful. Fox Mulder read
up on the Navajo and Anasazi and made some mental notes to prepare
himself for the task at hand: securing the co-operationof the Navajo
for mining rights to the magnetite. John Doggett made an effort to
understand the prophecies stated in the book, but was not certain he
fathomed any of the events that Mulder said had led to this day.

As Mulder knew the way to the reserve well, he drove the rental car to
the home of Eric Hosteen, son of the late Albert Hosteen. As Doggett
flipped the pages of Scully's book on the ancient people, he came
across a piece of paper that had some translations and the key to the
pronunciation of a special phrase.

"So, what's this got to so with the mining rights?..."

"We,, there's a custom set out in the prophecy that I must utter those
words with the correct pronunciation and tone of voice to the elders,
as I represent

those who will fight in the big battle, as told in the Anasazi
accounts. Loosely translated, they mean that I am there to fulfill the
prophecy, and that I am asking that the key to the weapon be given to
those of us who have come to defend."

"A savior."

"Not really," Mulder continued. "A symbol, sign, go-between,
facilitator, I guess."

"Must be nice having such an honour."

"Not when you miss your wife and son and you really miss many of your
loved ones. In my search for The Truth, I found that the Truth hurs a
thousand times over. Even the ones you love who are still living are
paying a price. This is it for my quest. And this is where we stop."

As the car pulled to a stop in front of the Hosteen house, Eric was
fixing his motorcycle. He turned and said to an elderly man in the
Navajo tongue, "He's here, as you said he would be."

Mulder and Doggett approached young Hosteen and each shook his hand.
'Oky, Eric. Let's get on with this so I can see my wife and child."

Eric led the two men into the house and the elderly man followed.

"We have much to do to prepare you. Tonight, you will meet with the
elders and tell them what you haveto say. You remember the Meeting
House, Mr. Mulder."

"Yes, I do, Eric. It was where your father took me during my recovery
from the fire. Reic here found me, John, and they saved my life."

John Doggett felt quite out of place. "I, uh, I read the files that
you wrote after Scully came out here looking for you. It was quite a
report. Look, I have to ask about Gibson."

Eric put a pot of coffee on the stove. "Gibson told us you were on
your way out here. He is well and safe. He cannot be here with us, but
he says the aliens are unaware of what is to occur. They believe they
have control. Thier mission is their only concern. They are unaware
of this magnetite deposit."

"They must know of its power," Mulder reminded him. "They destroyed
the pueblo where Spender was hiding."

"They destroyed the one who told you the truth and they thought they
had destroyed you and Agent Scully. That was thier goal at the time.
They believe that you will never know what to do with it, how to use

it to destroy them. Gibson and the resistance aliens are keeping them
busy in their thought and their control of the governments. Will you
have coffee with me and my uncle and then we will prepare for the

The Meeting House was already full of elders and thier future
successors when Mulder, Doggett, Eric Hosteen and his uncle arrived
there after dark.

"We could smell you coning, G-man," one said,

To which Mulder replied, "Yes, but I changed to Sport Scent."

"I don't understand," a befuddled Dogget whispered to Mulder.

"An old joke. I'll tell you later." Mulder took a seat at one of
several tables that the Meeting House had set up. "I'm ready. The
magnetite location is needed by those whoare fighting back. "I
understand you know where it is."

An elder stood, He was in full ceremonial dress. "It is first your
duty to utter the words that the ancestors said we would hear."

Mulder recited a long phrase in the language of the Anasazi.

"you could almost be one of us," the elder remarked, smiling broadly.
"Fifteen miles north-east of this place, you will find and impressive
source of what your people call 'magnetite', My fellow elders have
received a request, and we will sign two copies of it. This form will
be returned by your friend to the men who will need it in the
up-coming battle."

"That, Mr. Doggett, is all I came here for." Mulder shook hands with
several of the men. The elders lined up to sign the agreement.

"Short but sweet, Mulder. So, we take this paper... "

"No," Mulder corrected him, "YOU take this paper and I go back to

Scully and William. I have a family, a neew baby to look forward to,
and a job."

Later that night, Mulder and Doggett were sitting at Eric Hosteen's
kitchen table before retiring for the night, and Doggett brought up a

taboo subject. "When this is all over and done with, you should
consider going back to the Bureau."

"Or, I should consider shooting you for suggesting that, John.
Seriously, I enjoy my new life."

"There are no surprises, no mysteries. No weird things to
investigate. Nothing drove you more than the need to know!"

"There are surprises every day I look at Scully, her ever growing
belly, and William. Even the birds in the trees surprise me now. I am
not the old Mulder, the old "Spooky" who wanted to chase down leads
for his sister, all the while following flukemen, gender-switching
cult members, genies, and fat-sucking goons. I am a family man and I
am happy now investigating what it's like to have a nornmal family."

"You're sure of that. I can see it. But you are a born profiler and
investigator. Well-educated and with keen instincts... "

"And that is why I chose to teach. I can pass on those skills to young
people ready to enforce the laws of the land. That fulfills my need
to work, and there is always something new on the horizon. The newer
techniques are things I need to keep up on. That is my investigation.
My job now is to pass on the skills and practical use of the new
techniques. I never had a normal family life. Scully and William
have given me that and so much more."

"So, that's a 'no'. Well, I can tell Skinner I tried."

"Yes. Well, I'm beat. We can go to the airport tomorrow morning, and
be at our own homes by dinner time."

"Sounds good to me." Doggett put an empty cup into the sink. "Good
night, Mulder."

"Goodnight, John." Mulder stayed seated at the table as John went to

bed. He sipped his cold coffee thoughtfully. "I have everything I
could ever want. Now, I just hope we can save it all." That said, he
stood and put the cup into the sink, turned out the light, and headed
off to bed.


Disclaimer:  All characters, references to original Myth-Arc and the original X-Files title belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios. However, CC DID leave things unfinished, so this follow-up series to Journey to the Distant Shore is the next step in my endeavour to tie up loose ends. No money has been made from any of my fanfiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.