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8:30 AM

Dana Scully Mulder picked up 18-month-old
William and held him up for Fox to kiss good-bye.
"We won't be long. We just need to get a few
things at the fruit market and I thought William
might like the outing, seeing as you have some
things to do."

Mulder kissed his wife passionately. "You two have
a safe drive. Maybe we'll all go for a picnic around
noon. Well, I guess we'll see. Depends on how my
calls go. Be good for Mommy, sport."

"Take it easy, okay? No sense getting all wound up
until you have the facts. Be careful..."

As soon as Scully had William out the door, Mulder
looked up Doggett's cell number and dialed.

"Yeah, Doggett."

"Hey, it's Fox Mulder. What are you up to?"

"Going up to Westbury to wiretap some auto theft
ring." He was driving, Monica Reyes was with him, and
they were at a standstill behind a 30 car pile-up. "I think
we can talk for a while. I'm stuck behind a long
line-up. What's up?"

"I was told Gibson Praise contacted you. Why didn't
you tell us?"

"Now hold on, we haven't heard from him! Who told
you this?"

"Skinner and Kersh... Oh, now I see... Uh, thanks... "

"Wait!" Doggett urged him. "I do have some news
so let me tell you, all right?"

Mulder drummed his fingers on his Dad's desk.
"All right."

"Does the name Jeremiah Smith ring a bell?"

"Clearly! Where can I get a hold of him!" Maybe that
trip to D.C. wasn't a loss after all, he thought.

"He was in contact with Gibson. Look, maybe Monica
can get a replacement partner in for this one, and I can
come out there later today. That okay with you?"

"I'm counting on it, actually. Look, John, I have a feeling
someone is playing games at the Bureau."

"Wouldn't doubt it. But this much I know for sure: it's
not Skinner or Kersh. I'll get back to you, okay? Looks like
things might be moving again. Oh, I heard about your
comeback to Kersh. Great line, but I think a bit

"Sorry. You know, with the baby coming and the new job...
and finding out we've been watched... "

"Now you know we couldn't tell you that, Mulder."

"Yeah, I guess not. Ole Spooky has a hot-head and a
stubborn streak."
"A mile long," Doggett replied. "Call you later." Beep.


"I'll call and see if Beckett's doing anything. She's
always good for a few stories... "

Mulder made himself a coffee and paced the kitchen for
a few moments.

"Jeremiah. His rebel forces... Where is he, anyway?
Couldn't he call me?

Heck, he could find me in nanoseconds... "

As Mulder was contemplating all the whys and wherefors,
he felt he was not alone in the kitchen. William and his mother
had just departed, so who or what was he sensing? He turned
slowly to find a presence he hadn't seen in years. He looked
as if he had not aged or changed in any way.

"So, Mr. Mulder, we meet again. I must say you've gone
through many changes since we last spoke."

"Speak of the devil... "

"Your God and his opposite have nothing to do with me. I'm
here because I am on your side. It was not my intention to
contact you after I spoke with the others. I am sorry if this
has caused you any distress."

"There's been a lot going on, Jeremiah. All of it has impacted
on Scully, our son, and me directly. Why the hell... "

"My friend, we have no time to argue or soothe your ego. My
forces are aware of everything you've been through. I was even
at your trial. The matter at hand is the mining of the magnetite
found in massive quantities on the Navajo Reserve. We are
opposing the Colonization of your planet, and we mean to
help. But don't you also want to have a part in this? All your life
has depended on finding the truth, knowing what happened to your
sister, and cleaning up your government's deception about their
infiltration. You have the chance now, along with your friends at
the FBI to help save yourselves and your people. The vaccine
alone will not be enough to save you. We want to help you save

"So, when do we get started, and how long will it take? Jeremiah,
we have a baby coming in a few months, and I intend to be here
to see it being born... "

"You will, my friend. All you need to do is speak with the people
on the reservation. We, too, value their pride, their special role
in this part of the world, and their oneness with the Earth. They
respect it a lot more than your so-called 'civilized' nations."

"That's true, that's is true. When I agree to this, IF I agree to
this, will you do something for me?"

"If it is not outside of my race's values or my ability... "

"Jeffery Spender... "

"I will restore your brother's appearance. He has sustained
some permanent damage, but he will have his normal appearance.
Anything else is not possible. Years of psychological
and physical damage have occurred and is irreversible, although
you may be able to help him emotionally. I urge you to forge a bond
with your sibling. He railed against your biological father."

"I've been given a lot to think about... " Mulder sipped his now cold
coffee. "Can you stay until John Doggett arrives today?"

"My friend, I have many things to do. I will be here when he arrives.
We will discuss all I have said here and that which I told him. And
you will most likely be here to see your child born."

"Most likely?" Mulder laughed. "I want an iron-clad guarantee!"

"The odds are never 100 per cent. Look forward to your new
child. I am needed elsewhere at this time. My people, as you would
say, are discussing strategy and I must be with them. Take care."

The man walked out the front door, but when Mulder looked up
and down the neighborhood, there was no sign of him.

Mulder decided to make a lunch for Scully as she was
becoming more easily tired and tended to nap when William went
for an afternoon snooze. He peered into to the refrigerator, grabbed
some bread, tomatoes, bacon and lettuce. "BLT's and TLC. And it
looks like we're gonna need some of that. Let's see, chopped up
roast for William, baby carrots, boiled, and maybe I can still find
that... nope. Someone ate the jelly mold. Must've been Scully."

"Yeah. I had cravings."

"Hi. Say, would you like to see what I've learned from my
beautiful wife?"

"You're making lunch, I gather. Yes, let's test out your
practical part of the courses. William and I got overly
enthusiastic and bought a whole lot of peaches, so I guess
it's peach pie after supper. So?"

"Yeah, I did call Doggett. And Jeremiah Smith popped in.
Doggett is coming out here today, and Jeremiah says the
story about the reservation find is legit. He says his people won't
pull influence on them. It has to be me. And if all goes
well, which he says it will, I shouldn't be out there
very long. Just a few words with the Navajo elders. So,
what else did you and William do?"

"Worried about you. Well, at least I did. Are you
sure of all this?"

"Well, as you said, we have to test the practical
part. So... uh, yes, I am going to the reservation.
And you... you are going to put your feet up, even
if it's on a kitchen chair. That swelling is not a good
sign, Scully."
"No, it's not. But I shouldn't have walked all through
the mall."

"You what?"

"Well, I wanted to get some stamps and they were
at the opposite end of the mall. Don't worry. I've been
watching my salt intake. I AM worried about your new
gung-ho attitude toward this involvement with the
resistance, Mulder. I think I should have a talk with
Jeremiah and Doggett myself, tomorrow."

"I think they'll put your fears to rest. How about a
nice, hot BLT for lunch?"

"Just what I want! You spoil me, you know?"

Mulder stopped slicing tomatoes and walked to
his wife. "What other woman would I ever want to
spoil as much as you?" As he kissed her, Scully's
eyes welled up with tears.

"Hey," he whispered. "That's not the most
tender line I've ever given you. What's wrong?
We'll all be safe, really!"

"I guess it's just there's always a risk in everything
you do, and I can't help worrying. I think I feel those
mothering hormones more strongly toward you as
well as the children."

He held her head to his chest. "I'm very glad
that you do. Because you just wouldn't be the real
Scully without that motherly thing you feel
for me. Not to mention that other thing."

"So get my lunch, Mister! I'll stop the tears,
get William ready for lunch and we can arrange to
set Doggett up in the guest room if he's staying. I
believe if you believe, okay?"


"Positive. We are a team. All the way."

As they embraced and smiled, William ran through the
kitchen shouting "Mushy!!! Mushy hugs!!!"

"Lovey hugs," Dana Scully Mulder corrected him.
"Lovey hugs! And some for William. Always." Bending
over ever so gingerly, she planted a kiss on William's


Disclaimer:  All characters, references to original Myth-Arc and the original X-Files title belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studios. However, CC DID leave things unfinished, so this follow-up series to Journey to the Distant Shore is the next step in my endeavour to tie up loose ends. No money has been made from any of my fanfiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.