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A discussion Mulder and Scully could have had after having recovered in Dod Kalm.

Rated: G

Category:  Post Ep./Missing Scene for Dod Kalm.
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"Ready to go home?"
"Can't wait to get out of here, back home. "You?"
"Yeah.  The motel was getting kind of tired of my
face anyway.  You look a lot better than you have in
"Jeez, I think we both do.  Let's get outta here. How
many times have we been in decontamination this
past year alone?"
"Too many.  This time was definitely too many.  Here
we are.  Definitely not the rental of choice."
"Definitely not.  Hey!  I never noticed before, but
that elderly man... See him?"
"Yeah.  Fasten your seat belt.  I just want to get
back home.  You know, no sense wasting time."
"That's what I mean.  That old man sure has a spring
in his step!  Look at him go!"
"Just drive."

Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully could have had quite the
discussion after their near-deaths from old age.  Or
perhaps not.